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We need to un-complicate the idea of being called, lest it become something people think they cannot attain or aspire to.  We have all been called out.  The question most asked is, 'How can I know what my calling is? Or  what am I supposed to be doing as a Christian?"

These questions come from two places: one is a sincere desire to begin doing what you and I were made for; the other is out of lack of understanding when it comes to the gospels.  Many people are looking for a Damascus experience or for God to come knocking on their door with a telegram outlining exactly what they should do for the rest of their days.

That would seem easy, but it lacks the necessity of the believer to have faith in a faithful and sovereign God.  One thing that is for sure, you and I were made for a purpose and those who believe have been called out of the darkness, but what follows as a Christian is not complicated ... 


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