By: Rev. Brenda J. Smith




Please join the Presiding Elder Secret Watch in praying for the situation concerning Russia and Ukraine.  Also, ask for God's guardian angels to protect the boarders of the United States of America, and keep us safe "from sea to shiny sea" in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen.


When Bishop Clement Fugh enlisted the Presiding Elders' Secret Watch to undergird the Fifth District in prayer, he understood that there were some little foxes destroying the fruit of our labor as the church of Christ.  He knew the little foxes could not be allowed to continue reaping havoc in our presence and their influence would have to end, so ABBA  (Our Heavenly Father ) can receive the greatest glory from our efforts in His church.

We (believers) have been commisioned to be fruitful and multiply.  If we are to fulfill our msission to bear fruit (good fruit) we must eliminate the little foxes that sneak in, steal fruit, and weaken the vine by eating away near the vine's roots.  The little foxes are more dangerous to the vine than the big foxes.

The Presiding Elders' Secret Watch (PESW) has been hunting those little foxes that creep in to spoil the church' relationship with ABBA Father ...

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