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If you pay attention, we can learn so much from those who never give up.  It doesn't matter what the challenge or the obstacles, they keep on fighting.  Over the years I have observed fire fighters in some of the most intense moments, flames surrounding them, with heat that can melt your cloths on your body radiating up to 1,500 degrees yet, they keep on fighting.

During the Olympics every athlete has trained for that moment.  There have been times when the person pulled a hamstring, or worse tore their ACL, yet they kept on fighting.  Every boxer throughout history keeps on fighting even when their eyes have been pummeled until they don't open, even when they have been repeatedly knocked down, they keep on fighting.

Along life's journey we will often get knocked down over and over however, we must keep on fighting.  We have a responsibility to stand for what is right.  We are the recipients of those who fought before us.  Generation after generation have kept on fighting so we could have a better life.  During the course of our living, we must continue to fight for those coming behind us.  Fight for justice for all, fight for superior education, fight for better paying jobs, fight for homeless children, fight for NO police brutality.

I'm encouraging each of you to write to your governors and senators and demand justice for the young man who was brutally chased down and shot in Georgia.  Demand justice for the man whose last words were "Mama" as the police officer continued to put his full body weight on his neck until he could breathe no more.

When the people became afraid of the vast army they were to battle, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel and he said: "Your Majesty and everyone from Judah and Jerusalem, the LORD says that you don't need to be afraid or let this powerful army discourage you.  God will fight on your side!"

Knowing God is on our side in all things, we can Keep on Fighting.  Sometimes it may seem like we are losing the battle but, keep on fighting.  We often get tired and discouraged but keep on fighting.


Elder Cary


Presiding Elder Fran T. Cary Communication: 
Address:  Post Office Box 47438
Kansas City, Missouri 64188
Email Address:
Fax No.: (816) 255-2183
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