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All week long I have been singing, "Joy, Joy down in my Soul."  I had to laugh because, someone might think how can she have so much joy with everything that's going on in the world?  Maybe she's just in a happy mood.  Well if you just keep on living, one day you will come to realize that Joy is different from happiness.  Happiness is conditional like; if things go your way you are happy; but as soon as something don't; then you are unhappy.  Joy on the other hand is unconditional; like all hell can be breaking loose around you; but you still can have joy.


The beautiful thing about aging is things that used to bother me, don't matter anymore.  I'm at a stage in my life, where I want continuous joy.  It doesn't mean that I like everything that's going on, but I'm not the one in control, nor can I fix the things that are going on.  I don't like all the shootings; but it can't stop my joy.  I'm saddened that so many lives have been lost due to Covid-19; but I still have joy.  I'm not pleased with being so isolated; but it doesn't change my joy.  I've come to understand that my joy is derived from having a personal relationship with God that has all power.  (Omnipresence) He's not subject to physical limitations like humans.  He has power over the wind, water, gravity, physics, you and me, and His power is limitless.

I've got joy, because I'm connected to the vine who is all-knowing.  He knows the past, present and future.  (Omniscience) Nothing takes Him by surprise.  My Bible tells me that He knew us before our mother's knew we  were in her belly.  He knew us then; He knows us now; and He knows our future.  God knows all there is to know and all that can be known.

I've got unspeakable joy, because the God I serve is capable of being everywhere at the same time.  (Omnipresent)  It ought to give somebody joy just knowing you don't have to wait a certain day or time to talk to Him.  I can say, "Hallelujah!" because it cost me nothing, He already paid the price.  It doesn't matter where we live, in the valley He's there, on a mountain, He's there, East, West, North or South, God's divine presence is there.

Won't you pause for minute and think about all the things God has brought you through, that's Joy!  Stop where you are, and remember all the messes, He forgave you, that's Joy!  Take some time to shout out "Thank You! For saving me when I couldn't save myself."  That's Joy!

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